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The American Society of Professional Estimators

We received a number of great comments from our members when asked "Why are you a member of ASPE?" Here are a few of the best.

ASPE, like any organization, is growing with very competent people running and supporting it. The CPE is now in the Caribbean. I can attest to that because I live and work in the caribbean. It was worth the trip to the USA to do the exams. My whole professional outlook has changed. The support you get from other CPE's is profound.

The exams test your knowledge as an Estimator, and to come from a UK background and do a US exam is no easy feat. It was challenging for me but it was worth it.

I am also a member of AACE, and to date I have not had one real interaction with one AACE member, only papers to read every minute.

ASPE is a family of Estimators, and I love that. You can contact anybody and I am still amazed at the warmth that you are treated and greeted with.A musician once said that he met this other musician a couple years ago who asked him his opinion on learning to read music. Five years later they met again and the other musician was still asking the same question. He could have taken that 5 years and learned to read music and qualify for more gigs, but he did not. The moral of the story is get certified, stay focused, and think about where you want to be in the next 5 years. I highly recommend starting with ASPE.

Mwando Dennie, PMP, CPE

In the fall 2010, my position as Vice President of Preconstruction was eliminated, deemed an unnecessary luxury in these dark times. It had been my dream job, the job I had worked my entire career for. Over the 12 years that I held it, I had come to identify myself as my job, the company's successes were my successes. When it ended I was hurt, no, I was crushed. It felt to me like it was a personal failure. It was an embarrassment. And I found that my primary support system had evolved over the years to be my coworkers. Talking to them now only reinforced my feelings that somehow I was no longer worthy.

But, just as sure as the sun returns following a storm, my telephone began to ring. My friends from years of active involvement in ASPE and other professional organizations called to see how I was, to offer encouragement, to buy me a drink. For you see, they are the very best kind of friends one can have because they have empathy. When we signed on to be in this business, we all understood the cyclical nature of it, and these friends could offer great comfort and support during my darkest time because many of them had been there themselves at one time or another.

Their calls and interest helped clear my mind of the disappointment of the moment. They were able to share stories of how they had gotten through their trials and travails. They stabilized me. They helped me understand where my value is, and they helped me regain my sense of worth. They were my lifeline.

As part of a professional association, we support and build networks with each other in ways that none of our other relationships can. Our involvement in associations like ASPE can give our career wings, and it can provide the bridge to get over the most troubled career waters. If you are not a member, join. If you are a member, get involved.

Because professional associations really matter.

Steve Larson
Member of Denver Chapter 5

"As a Cost Consultant I prepare estimates on projects from Alaska to the Virgin Islands and my ASPE Roster is a most important tool in my business. No matter where the project is located, I know I can find a fellow ASPE member in the membership directory who can give me firsthand information on working conditions, material sources and much, much more - just with a telephone call. My membership in ASPE pays for it self many times each year"

Larry L. Cockrum, FCPE
Cockrum & Associates Consulting Services
Ripley MS

"I joined ASPE to become a CPE (Certified Professional Estimator), network with other estimators and keep up with current trends in construction estimating. My membership has enabled me to gain valuable leadership experience by serving as a chapter officer"

Chris Morton, CPE
Chief Estimator
Howell Construction

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